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Psychic Hakim is blessed to cast and perform Traditional Healing with a number of different powerful prayers to ensure client satisfaction. I have been practicing for more than 26 years with much success. I have clients in over 58 countries in almost every continent and many have been successful – see some written testimonies on my website below.

Have you lost hope?

Have you been dissappointed by any one who has abilities or a Traditional Healer who failed to fullfil your request?

Have you reached a dead end in your love life, business etc?

It’s time for you to call Psychic Hakim to lead you to a more successful destiny.

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Love Spells

Definition: The induction of love. These are the spells I cast to induce love between you and your dream partner. This spell can also be used to strengthen and bind the love between two people as well as bringing back lost love.

  • Are you looking for true love?
  • Are you confused in love and want clarity?
  • Are you looking for a soulmate?
  • Troubled marriages / unhappy relationships?
  • Looking for soul binding?
  • Are you insecure in love?
  • Do you want to know the future of your love?

Sheik Hakim has got mystical love spells and has been casting spells for quite a long period of time with good results. Come to him to help find happiness and contentment in your love life. Make a new beginning. My spells are precise and simple to do.

Dream Translation

Dreams are very important in our lives, they were used in the past by our fore fathers to predict the future and current situations. They act as indications and points and also help in alerting us in different ways. Dreams tell almost 60% of our live’s future, present and past of an individual. Do you have any dreams you need translating? Contact Psychic Hakim to guide you.

Numerology Reading

Definition: Numbers, birthdays, month of  birthday, star signs, combinations, sums are highly used in modern and ancient times. This can indicate the luck and destiny of an individual. This point is a key note in the line of life and destiny, together with other abilities can enhance your future. This ability has become more relevant in the modern life because of technology. Contact me to improve yourself and your bloodline.

Tarot Card Reading

In the 1400’s tarots cards were used in the judgement of people in the informal courts of laws by chiefs and rulers. People could be forced to tell the truth because of the cards revealed by the card reader. Sheik is gifted and has mastered the art of card reading. It’s ACCURATE. Come know the truth and clear the doubts in your cards. Cards can also be sold to you and I am able to teach you how to use them. Contact me for this special service.

Palm Reading

Definition: the art or practice of interpreting a person’s character or predicting their future by examining the palm of their hand. Just like the eyes are the windows to your soul, it is believed that your palms can also tell you about a series of traits that you possess. Everything that we do, 99% of the things that you do is with your hands and everything that you will acquire in your life will be received in your hands. Thus, the palms of our hands, left and right have many stories to tell. This is a relevant part of telling your present, future and your past. The structure of the lines in your palms carries different meanings and have direct impact on your love life, finances, health, wealth and life span, to mention but a few.

Psychic Reading

Definition: a psychic reading is a specific attempt to determine information through the use of hightened perception or by extending the natural human senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and ones instincts. Natuarally gifted, accurate, precise and straight forward online psychic reading. Future past and present psychic reading. Face to face reading as well as skype, telephonic, email readings.

And Many More

  • Love Spells
  • Luck Spells
  • Healing Spells
  • Divorce Spells
  • Protection Spells
  • Marriage Spells
  • Lost Lover Spell
  • Better Job Spell
  • Financial Trouble
  • Height and Enlargements
  • Dream Translation
  • Numerology
  • Palm Reading
  • Psychic Reading
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Fortune Telling

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